How does Coegil compare to other solutions?

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How does Coegil compare to other solutions?

  • Coegil is solely focused on the research problem while our competitors are not.
  • Our open platform can connect to other third-party applications & data sources you use every day to make things simple.
  • With strong security and documentation of who views what, you can feel good knowing your intellectual property is protected.

Whether you have an IT department supporting you or not, you often find no product in the market gives you a complete and integrated solution.  You are left spending your time tabbing between applications and copying & pasting your work.  When you are ready to share and collaborate, all you have are email, plugins, or over-engineered solutions from third-party vendors or your IT department.  This all takes precious time away from finding your next research insight or making your next great decision.

Coegil fills the various needs of both analysts and decision makers. With options to buy and sell research as well as house that research for easy additions later, it simplifies the process of making great decisions possible.

Before Coegil, no one app integrated the six pieces of technology that most researchers need to do their jobs well. This can mean keeping many tabs open on your computer and switching from app to app trying to gather information while on the go.

Now, researchers can get the information they need, when they need it and market their research in a whole new way. Here’s a look at the six main capabilities the application fulfills and how you can best leverage them.


Apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox have historically been the solution that researchers turn to when they look to meet their storage needs. But the folder structure and security of those apps is lacking compared with Coegil.  While other apps force you to separately manage access & storage, Coegil integrates storage & security into one intuitive design.  Now you can easily see who has access to your work and manage it yourself.

Digital publishing

From a research project, you can publish insights to offer your customers or sell in the marketplace. If you’ve ever used an online editor, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll create research with ease using Coegil because the functionality is much like other online publishing formatting. You can also post shareable links to your research in your favorite social media channel from Coegil.  

Open to third-party apps

Integrations with other applications can make research go quicker and more smoothly. We’ve built Coegil as an open application so that you can connect it to 3rdparty apps with ease. Whether this be to your database to share the information with your customers or some other software, our open system makes it possible.

Many other platforms do not offer this service to their users, which makes Coegil even more unique and attractive to be the place where researchers can go to meet all their needs in one central place.

Integrated & compliant

Research publishing and sharing should not take a great effort. Coegil is integrated to minimize the effort it takes for users to execute research day in and day out.

Other products designed for research, such as BlueMatrix or RschExchange are not integrated.  Instead, those platforms make compliance their focus and that only takes away from your research experience.  Coegil uses its integrated platform to make compliance a behind-the-scenes experience so you have the confidence you are staying compliant without the effort.

Built-in Security

Your research is your intellectual property and keeping it safe and secure is important. While many platforms, such as Bloomberg and Reuters or Google Drive and Dropbox have limited security, nothing compares to the security Coegil offers your research.  Coegil extends the concept of intellectual property to cover both your final report and its supporting details.  Now you can store your petabyte dataset, spreadsheets, and charts along side your final report.

With different viewership and editing rights for different users and a clear log of who has viewed what information and at what time, Coegil makes it simple to know that your research is as secure as possible.


You can extend Coegil into your various 3rdparty applications or even your own in-house system for housing and logging data. As a platform built specifically for researchers, we know your needs and Coegil will make your job simpler and even more enjoyable.

Only consumer apps like Slack offer this same convenience. You won’t find it in the analytics, research, or marketplace apps that researchers traditionally use.

Compliant Marketplace

The field of research has rules and regulations about how to buy and sell research in compliance. Coegil meets all compliance requirements for you to actually make transactions using the platform.  Coegil has partnered with FINRA-registered brokers to offer an elevated level of compliance for the discerning research provider.

Only analytics and research platforms allow for this, which means if you’re storing your research files in consumer apps like Evernote or Jupiter, you’ll need to duplicate the content to a marketplace and then ensure that it stays up to date there.

Focused on Research

Coegil is the only application built for researchers. The other many apps on the market that researchers use are focused on other things, such as sales of their own products and services.

The Coegil platform is 100 percent optimized for research, which means it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of each researcher.  You spend more time finding your next insight, collaborating with your research team, and making your next great decision.

Want to see an easy side-by-side chart of how Coegil compares to other products on the market? Visit the Sign Up page for more information.


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