Top 5 problems with selling your research

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Top 5 problems with selling your research

  • Researchers must find ways to distribute their research regularly to meet the needs of their customers so they can make timely decisions.
  • Ensuring that research is always securely housed and maintained is essential because it’s your intellectual property and your livelihood.
  • It can be challenging to ensure your customers are always referencing the most recent version of your research and tossing the old versions.
  • Coegil makes collaboration on files, research updates and security simple.

Research and insights are vital to making good decisions. While many know that to be true, there are very limited resources for researchers to market and sell their intellectual property to individuals looking to make great decisions.

This gap that existed in the marketplace before we introduced Coegil caused a strain on researchers’ ability to get their research out in front of the decision makers and to thrive and be successful in the industry.

Before Coegil, there were 5 distinct problems with selling your research to decision makers. Here’s a look at those problems and how Coegil fills those gaps and makes research sales simple.

Distribution frequency

Depending on the research you are selling, you might need to provide frequent updates. Those might be as infrequent as monthly or as regularly as daily. Ensuring that you meet these dates and deadlines can be challenging when you’re working to keep your files secure since your research is your intellectual property.

Your clients just want to know that they always have the most up-to-date information to ensure they are making the right decisions at the right times. If a decision maker can’t receive these regular updates, they’re unlikely to purchase your research out of fear that it might go stale without the right distribution frequency.

Coegil provides a platform where both researchers and decision makers can view and collaborate on research. Ask questions, get answers and market research like never before on this innovative platform designed specifically for marketing your research.

Research security and delivery

Figuring out a way to distribute your research in a secure format is a challenge. Mailing paper documents is slow and not truly all that secure. Plus, you risk things getting lost in the mail.

So you could always courier your research to your clients. But paying a courier to make deliveries is not an inexpensive endeavor and requires great coordination between your research company and the courier to make regular deliveries.

That leaves you with finding a way to deliver the research digitally. There are cloud programs like Dropbox and Google Drive, but then sharing is tied to one email address for the decision makers and no notifications go out automatically to your clients when you make a change to the documents or post new ones.

Coegil is a secure platform that shows audit reports of who viewed your research and when. With different viewership and editing rights, your whole team and the decision makers you work with can view and edit the documents that you choose to share with them.

Prove your value

Researchers offer insights and recommended actions that their clients should take based on those insights. To prove your value, you need to be able to share in an easy format charts, expected financial impact reports and more.

The more diverse your file formats, the harder it can be to find the right way to share and distribute your research in a secure format without losing that formatting.

When you market your research on Coegil, you’ll find a platform designed specifically for researchers. Using collaboration and input from researchers and decision makers, we built Coegil to meet your needs specifically so you can find the right audience for your research, prove your value and earn repeat customers.

Having a variety of formats

Different decision makers need different things from your research. Some need a shorter form of your research that simply provides a high-level overview of your research while others need every detail in a long form report.

Being able to tailor your research to meet these various needs is crucial to the success and value of your research. But the more forms you create, the more you have to update, re-upload or deliver to your customer.

Marketing and delivering research using Coegil opens the door to offering your research in a whole new way. You no longer have to worry about file number limits, versioning, viewership or other issues you previously had with distributing your research. You can provide access to one team member for the short form of your research and access to the long form for other team members. The Coegil experience can be tailored to meet your specific needs and those of your customers.

Keeping your research updated

The last thing you want is for your customers to reference old research and make the wrong decision. Keeping research fresh and current is essential to the viability of your research business and keeping your customers happy and returning for more from you.

Many cloud platforms don’t allow for versioning, easy revisions or notifications to your customers when things change. Managing changes on paper means added mailing or courier fees and disciplining your customers to throw out all previous versions to make sure nothing goes wrong in the process of updating the files.

Ensuring that you are always referencing the most recent file is essential, and Coegil is well aware of the cost of not referencing the right file. Our platform provides your team with a way to easily keep research current and fresh.

Coegil is the first cloud-based platform designed for researchers to market and sell their insights and for decision makers to purchase that research to make great decisions. With secure online transactions, audit trails for file viewership and edits, and a place where your team can feel comfortable and confident in housing research for future use, Coegil is an essential tool for researchers to reach their customers and provide the right insights at the right time. Learn how we’re innovating this space by reading more on our FAQ page.


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